Food Porn 6.15.11...

copper river king salmon bely, farmers white asparagus

togarashi creme fraiche, heart of palm

morel stuffed saddle of rabbit, morels, fried duck egg yolk
farmers asparagus, truffles

salt steamed halibut, ramp puree, lemon potatoes, peas, red wine sauce

asparagus terrine, goat cheese, prosciutto, white asparagus salad
wood sorrel, pedro ximenez dressing

seared foie gras, rhubarb puree, rhubarb napoleon, hazelnuts, maple

coffee crusted lamb, fennel, peas, quince conserve

some dishes to ponder...have neglected this sight for a while..time to man up and bring something to the table. Lots has transpired since the last post...and they are all on the main site of http://www.cuisinierskitchen.blogspot.com/