Long Time...No Post...

It's all about the details. In this case, the details of posting to my main site rather than this one. Nothing more than out of convenience, personal preference and style, lack of time and interest, and lack of commitment to the this site. Ok, I guess it is quite obvious. I admit, I do put just about 100% of my energies into the main site; www.cuisinierskitchen.blogspot.com. No mystery or hidden secret. It is where I put all of the current information, thoughts, insight, commentary, dialogue, perspective and most importantly...the food on just about all that I do. It is just more of my favorite place to write and express. I started this site about the same time in 2005, merely to start a photo gallery, but the more I found cool photos that I wanted to post, I thought to myself hey, these are way cool and they would look great on the main blog site. So, many photos and thoughts inadvertently made their way to the silver screen of webdom by taking a detour to cuisinierskitchen and not the digitalkitchen. But, every now and again, I find those certain shots that I want to post here, and in most cases, they end up on collectively on the cuisinierskitchen site. No worries right?!? Not all the same readers...not all the same audience...not all the same shit! Hope to see you again before too long...

Feels Like Summertime...

cured striped sea bass belly & collars, citrus, avocado, basil, lemon verbena,
olive oil and citrus-verbena foam
A little post to my poor neglected site...like a lonely orphan cast out for not being the chosen one, or the younger sibling who just doesn't get the attention in favor of the older one...this is just a little shot of sunshine and fun for this wonderful summertime in the NW...bottom line~ Get Inspired with what's around you.
Now Coooook!


Unforgotten, Unforgiven, Unseen...

This poor site...it has been neglected, I confess. It is no surprise or mistake. The mystery perhaps lies in the why? really...no reason. I put all my eggs in one basket with it's older sister site...cuisinierskitchen! That is where I focus all my creative writing energies, photographic passion and food artistry. This is just a little bit of porn to let everyone know it still exists and enjoys the attention.


Food Porn 11.24.11...

seared foie gras, hazelnut-nib waffle, cranberries, cranberry tapenade

saba-hazelnut oil dressing

bison loin sous vide, quince puree, thumbelina carrots
chanterelle gratin, banyuls sauce

seared scallop poached in carrot butter
spinach puree, honshimejii, truffles, romanesco, balsamic-carrot butter dressing

seared foie terrine, foie gras "opera torte", seckle pears
candied pecans, red ribbon sorrel, quince paint

Happy Thanksgiving All...Hope you and yours have a very happy holiday.


Fall Shots of Food...

scallop,carrot butter, red zebra tomatoes, arugula

truffles, lomo

smoked catfish, corn, pears, truffles, celery

duck breast, thumbelina carrots, quince

asian pear, grains of paradise, pear sorbet

just a few shots of passion, pleasure, pain and porn...enjoy


Food Porn 10.25.11...

grape-chevre lollipop

heirloom tomato-heart of palm salad

foie gras, cherries, apricot-truffle conserve

scallops, pumpkin, sea urchin, tapioca

golden snapper, truffles, baby lima beans, bacon

apples, late harvest gewurztraminer, vinegar, grains of paradise

muscovy duck, turnips, fennel, blackberries

beef short ribs, horseradish potatoes, porcini

valrhona chocolate, pears, strawberries, caramel

bacon macaroon sandwiches, biscotti, olive oil chocolates

a few shots from one of our latest events...just a lot of fun to be honest..."the kitchen gals" did a great job!...hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Food Porn 6.15.11...

copper river king salmon bely, farmers white asparagus

togarashi creme fraiche, heart of palm

morel stuffed saddle of rabbit, morels, fried duck egg yolk
farmers asparagus, truffles

salt steamed halibut, ramp puree, lemon potatoes, peas, red wine sauce

asparagus terrine, goat cheese, prosciutto, white asparagus salad
wood sorrel, pedro ximenez dressing

seared foie gras, rhubarb puree, rhubarb napoleon, hazelnuts, maple

coffee crusted lamb, fennel, peas, quince conserve

some dishes to ponder...have neglected this sight for a while..time to man up and bring something to the table. Lots has transpired since the last post...and they are all on the main site of http://www.cuisinierskitchen.blogspot.com/


Food Porn 3.18.11...

foie gras, honey gel, compressed apples, micro celery
chocolate-0live oil caramel, hazelnuts
syrah braised shortrib, celery root-date napoleon,truffle aioli,
crispy sweetbreads, black trumpet mushrooms, huckleberry essence

grilled Portuguese sardines, baby octopus, creamy potatoes, oranges
fennel, olives

version from above with Mediterranean branzino

beets, oysters, chorizo, creme fraiche, chrysanthemum

a few updates of various exciting food shots to achieve arousal through visual stimulation for the sole purpose of exploitation of the craft and development of taste...