Late Winter Tastes...

These dishes happen to come about from various thoughts, intuitions, ideas, inspirations and whims... all based on one thing, and one thing alone; ingredients. They are the harvest of the time spent(or not) conjuring up notions in one's head about how something or a grouping of things may taste together, how it will feel in the mouth, and taste on the palate. It is that thriving desire to create something good and all that it encompasses along the way, all for the stimulation of our intellect and for the excitement of the guest when they eat it. These are the "stories" of the outcome of a few...

Valrhona Manjari Tart
Hazelnuts/Melted Grapes/Kumquats/Vanilla/Red Wine/Huckleberries/Espresso

Verjus-Lime Soda
Melon/Fleur de Sel/Fennel/Coconut/Bacon

Farro & Truffle Stuffed Squid
Clams/Chorizo Dust/Radicchio/Cinnamon Cap Mushrooms

Foie Gras Charlotte
Quince/"Aztec"Potato Puree/Spice Cake/Gravenstein Apple Gastric

Ahi Tuna "Two Ways"
Seared Pave/Beet Tapioca/Fennel/Beet Sorbet
Tartare/Yuzu Pickled Watermelon Radish/Avocado Ice Cream/Micro Radish

Desserts Anyone?...

I always enjoy working on new dessert ideas and ultimately, creating and launching a new menu with them! I love dessert, plain and simple. And to get more closer to the point, chocolate! In all forms and fashion. It can have a direct sense of precision and playfulness that sometimes is not always obtainable with savory counterparts as things either cool down or heat up and thus makes the dish less than perfect for the guests. But with desserts, there is a place for that. Now do not get me wrong, restaurant pastry has to be served at proper temperatures and within "need-it-yesterday" guidelines as well, and I don't like things that have that sense that they were "played with" or "mis or overhandled". It has to be stellar. Tight. Full of flavor and goodness. If it isn't soigne, then scrap it. It becomes staff meal for sure. A couple of tastes that have left our shop this month. Savor...

Caramelized Pine Nut Tart
Rosemary Poached Pears/Salted Popcorn/Red Wine Syrup/Parmesan Ice Cream

Citrus-Champagne Sabayon
Blood Oranges/Pistachio Financier/Candied Fennel/Fennel Meringue/Chai Sorbet

Banana-Chocolate Charlotte
Caramel/Banana Brulee/Anglaise/Earl Grey Sherbet

Cupid's Sweet...
Manjari-Anise Bouche/Kumquats/Tapioca/Raspberry Polenta/Smoked Hazzelnut
Orange-Olive Sponge/Coffee-Caramel-Hazelnut Egg