Merry Xmas...

fluke/pistachio/carica/hearts of palm/carrot soup/coconut

salumi in various styles/persimmons/mostarda/pears/pecans

scallops/truffle/pumpkin polenta/leeks/salsify/black trumpet

duck/gingerbread potatoes/romaesco/thumbelina carrot/huckleberry
cranberry/eucalytpus/syrah salt

a few shots to inspire the new and provoke thought...merry xmas to all and to all a good bite!


Food Porn 11.14.10...

plate up of chestnut-chocolate "torte"

diver scallops/shrimp/black trumpet mushrooms/pomegranate paint
polenta/chard/sweet cicely
grilled halibut/braised pork belly/leek pancake/watermelon radish/chili

camembert brulee/autumnal fruits/figs/bacchus sorbet/pumpkin sponge

My digital kitchen site unfortunately gets the short end of the deal when it comes to posting. It's sister site, and main focus always gets more attention. It is the sexier of the two siblings. The eldest that gets everything first hand and simply...first. Gotta remember to give it some love now and then. Like any family...functional or not, nothings perfect!


Shots of the Moment...

wonderfully tasty salumi...
sweet coppa, bresaola, tuscan wine cured salami, fennel sopressata, antelope andouille
chorizo riojana, basilicata, prosciutto

sous vide chicken breast, quinoa, chanterelles, asparagus, grilled squash, tomato coulis
indian summer stonefruit relish


Fall Bar Snacks...

a nibble here, a handful there. Tasty with any kind of beverage. Try different levels of heat to satisfy your own endorphin fix.
2 cp. Pumpkin or Winter Squash Seeds, with pulp- steeped in butter for about 30 minutes until butter is well flavored with pumpkin and achieving a nutty amber-brown color.
Drain. Reserve butter for cooking shellfish, vegetables, mushrooms etc.
Fry seeds in 350 degree canola or peanut oil for several minutes until rich brown, but not burned.
Immediately out of the oil, season with sea salt, white pepper, superfine sugar, ground cinnamon and chili spice. Serve warm. Warning...better have back up.


Tastes 09.23.10...

painted hills beef short ribs/glazed fennel/carrots/chanterelles
smoked chocolate essence/syrah salt

diver scallop/black zebra tomatoes/pesto/chili threads/tomato coulis

soft shell crab/corn/bacon/chard/chanterelles

sauteed alaskan halibut cheeks/porcini/corn/truffles/rainbow chard/veal jus


Tastes 8.23.10

soft shell crab/yellow taxi tomato/squash blossom "farcie"
zucchini & caramelized onions/arugula/green olives

"caribbean french toast" & foie gras/peaches/jalapeno/mint

summer corn tasting

green zebra/sturgeon caviar/cape gooseberries/lobster

watermelon/yellow tomato/feta/olive oil/chives

here are but a few...


Tastes 7.10...

foie two ways- chilled mousse, apricot brulee, apricot truffle marmalade...
hot seared with HBO crust, cacao nibs, hazelnuts, peppered plums, syrah gastric

alaskan spot shrimp, baby zucchini agnolotti, peas, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, shrimp broth

sumac braised & glazed wild boar rib & veal sweet breads, morels, figs, corn pancake, mustard jus
sides of house made spicy kim chee

hebi & squab, chard, chorizo potatoes, caramelized garlic, charred tomato jus

wild boar slider w/ rhubarb, boar skewer w/ coconut and quince jam, peach-cabbage-carrot slaw


Tastes of the Moment...

Vadouvan Scented Soft Shell Crab
red ribbon sorrel, mango, spiced coconut emulsion, lemon balm jus, carrot oil

A few recent dishes worth sharing...or not? Still, here they are.

copper river salmon belly "crudo del fuego"

peas, orange mont, shiso, beet tapenade, horseradish crema, aprium ice

bergamot dressing

assortment of house cured salumi of the moment

clockwise from top...

lonza, soppresata, antelope andouille, pork gentille, lamb finocchiono, prosciutto

heather honey lacquered squab breast

porcini, pork cheek ravioli, pea puree, pea blossoms, salsify, pineapple sage jus


Soft Shell Crab...

chili powder cornmeal & chipotle crusted soft shell crab
pickled apple-lovage stuffed squash blossom
grilled king trumpet and caramelized onion
carrot juice oil with poultry jus

a quick shot of a fresh crispy soft-shell crab straight from the Chesapeake and crafted in our kitchen for a couple of good customers. Hints of hot chili spices, sweet, savory, tart and unctuousness all in one.


A Few Good Ingredients...

Purple Mizuna...oh so fresh and cool!

just a splash of garden treasures brought in lately. We loved them...thought you would enjoy them...can't wait to get more!
Baby French Breakfast Radishes...peppery and crisp!

Lovage...fresh and wild like celery!


Spring Dishes...

crudo of daurade
cara cara orange/purple mizuna/cucumber-watermelon radish
yuzu sabayon/meyer lemon oil

here are a handful of dishes that we shot while putting out two different dinners for special folks...All were crafted with the inspiration of Spring, good food and passion!
maine lobster/elderflower compressed cantaloupe/golden caviar
coconut chips/opal basil/coconut-lime granite

braised pork belly & washington ling cod sous vide
fava beans/carrot creamed nettles/walnut vinaigrette/spring garlic jus

maine lobster "slider"
shiso/mango/american sturgeon caviar/lobster-vanilla oil/lotus root chips

slow cooked king salmon "salad"
asparagus "vichyssoise"/heart of palm/bronze fennel/fennel pollen crust/
shiitake chips

sauteed atlantic fluke & foie gras
braised ramps/lemon-parsley panzanella/foie gras nage

sumac marinated wild boar
seared scallop/baby carrot "stew"/honshimejii/grilled king trumpet

lacquered wild boar rib & sea scallop
stewed spring garlic/baby carrot salad/carrot foam/honshimejii/tatsoi


Tribute to Spain...

just a little dish that screamed out spanish flavors...

cuttlefish sous vide...lonza...smoked olive oil...shrimp...tangerines...



Dishes of Distinction...

staging of my trio of amuse for guest chef dinner at Crush...

flame torched hiramasa, sweet potato, coconut, gingered carrots, bacon

a handful of dishes cooked here and there, served to those that are passionate about eating and ingredients and by those that are passionate and determined about cooking! Enjoy...

lamb sous vide, shallot jam, truffled celery root, turnips

raw kushi oyster, champagne-raspberry gelee, sturgeon caviar, yuzu-elderflower drizzle

roasted bison

mica's pear soup amuse, pork belly-pear lollipop

ahi tuna salad with mango and heart of palm

beef short rib-horseradish terrine

chilled moularde duck salad, truffled vegetables, walnuts, fig-walnut dressing

australian hiramasa