Soft Shell Crab...

chili powder cornmeal & chipotle crusted soft shell crab
pickled apple-lovage stuffed squash blossom
grilled king trumpet and caramelized onion
carrot juice oil with poultry jus

a quick shot of a fresh crispy soft-shell crab straight from the Chesapeake and crafted in our kitchen for a couple of good customers. Hints of hot chili spices, sweet, savory, tart and unctuousness all in one.


A Few Good Ingredients...

Purple Mizuna...oh so fresh and cool!

just a splash of garden treasures brought in lately. We loved them...thought you would enjoy them...can't wait to get more!
Baby French Breakfast Radishes...peppery and crisp!

Lovage...fresh and wild like celery!


Spring Dishes...

crudo of daurade
cara cara orange/purple mizuna/cucumber-watermelon radish
yuzu sabayon/meyer lemon oil

here are a handful of dishes that we shot while putting out two different dinners for special folks...All were crafted with the inspiration of Spring, good food and passion!
maine lobster/elderflower compressed cantaloupe/golden caviar
coconut chips/opal basil/coconut-lime granite

braised pork belly & washington ling cod sous vide
fava beans/carrot creamed nettles/walnut vinaigrette/spring garlic jus

maine lobster "slider"
shiso/mango/american sturgeon caviar/lobster-vanilla oil/lotus root chips

slow cooked king salmon "salad"
asparagus "vichyssoise"/heart of palm/bronze fennel/fennel pollen crust/
shiitake chips

sauteed atlantic fluke & foie gras
braised ramps/lemon-parsley panzanella/foie gras nage

sumac marinated wild boar
seared scallop/baby carrot "stew"/honshimejii/grilled king trumpet

lacquered wild boar rib & sea scallop
stewed spring garlic/baby carrot salad/carrot foam/honshimejii/tatsoi