A Toast to the New Year...

I wish you all a very prosperous and enjoyable new year in 09' and hope that in some small way, whatever I have posted, written, described or suggested otherwise has inspired you even in a minute amount in your day to day cooking, or more importantly, the way you contemplate your thoughts about food in general. Happy holidays...


Fire Roasted Foie Gras Terrine...

After our "uber-soiree" for the financially elite crowd, dubbed as the "distinguished fellows" of Microsoft, we had some fire roasted foie gars left over with a "what-to-do" question lurking in our minds. So, before refrigerating the lobes that night, we decided to give it a touch of seasoning, and press them into a terrine mold and then left to set up overnight in the cooler. We served them the next day for a special wine luncheon. Served with some Cocoa Nib-Hazelnut Financier, Figs, Red Wine Syrup and fleur de Sel, we had a great appetizer to start the meal with.


Alternate Eye Candy...

here are some alternate shots of the dinner I cooked for a guest posted on cuisinierskitchen recently...
tasting of dessert...

short rib terrine...

anti griddle yogurt lozenge, fir sorbet, apples, grated smoked salmon

triple cream, quince goodness, hazelnuts

truffles & pigs feet...oh ya, branzino too!

two birds~ one dish~ lots of flavor

Halloween Chef's Table Dish...

just a glimpse of a seared scallop and muscovy duck dish executed by our team Friday night. Beets, both red and gold, scallops, duck breast, and various other foodstuffs all in a row. Can't wait to unveil the rest of it.


More Eye Candy...

Maine Lobster Salad

Mango, Heirloom Tomatoes, Avocado, Golden Caviar, Anise Hyssop, Yuzu Dressing

Seared Foie Gras Tart

Caramelized Onions, Figs, Vadouvan Braised Bananas, Fig Puree, PX Vinaigrette

call it eye candy, call it food porn, call it a visual orgasm. Whatever the case, this was some damn tasty food of late. Very exciting to be a part of something great. Enjoy!

Garlic Crusted Lamb Loin

Chanterelles, Pumpkin, Cipolline, Valdeon, Roasted Grapes

Smoked Tomato Essence

Seared Diver Sea Scallop & Pork Belly

Quince Puree, "Bacon & Eggs", Leeks, Micro Celery, Quince Nage

Grilled Spanish Mackerel

Butter Braised Mussels, Beet Tapenade, Leeks, Rosti, Licorice Emulsion

Syrah Braised Short Rib

Anson Mills Grits, Truffled "Mac & Cheese", Chanterelles, Lobster Mushrooms

Mustard Cuisson

"Brandade Terrine"

Tomato Jam, Fennel, Boquerones, Sherry Syrup, Smoked Paprika Aioli

What a Ham...Iberico Style

"Queso & Chocolate"

Chocolate a'la Taza, Buneulos, Manchego and Bruleed Nectarine, Olive Syrup, Olive Brittle

Lemon Verbena Ice Cream and Olive Oil Chocolate


Two Cold Dishes...

Spicy Coppa, Smoked Venison Salami, Tuscan Wine Cured Salumi
Duck Prosciutto and Wild Boar Landjager(all made in house)
with Artisan Cheeses, Nuts, Mustards and Jams

here are a couple shots of dishes put together over the last couple days. One for a chef's table (ahi) and the other for a sort of Oktoberfest sort of inspiration (and based upon our award winning salumi) see post at cuisinierskitchen.
Seared Ahi Tuna, Penn Cove Select Oysters, Tomatoes, Fennel
Sesame-Soy Aioli, Papaya Jus, Sweet Cicely


Late Summer~ Early Fall...

Seared Foie Gras/Vadouvan Spices/Pickled Nectarine/Curried Spinach

Salmon Two Ways/Cauliflower Puree/Konbu/Dill Powder/Golden Caviar

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes/Organic Chicken Sous Vide/Truffles/Melted Shallots

shots of food. New tastes and perspectives on ingredients. A couple chef's tables...one in which I did and the other Alex was in charge of.
Grilled Duck Breast/Roasted Turnips/Spiced Pumpkin/Choucroute
Fall Salad of Braised Celery/Chestnut/Apricot-Truffle Conserve/Truffle Coulis
Black Bass/Brussel Sprouts/Chanterelles/Short Rib "Debris"/Braised Salsify

Grilled Matsutake Mushrooms over Douglas Fir/Pine Nuts/Mayonnaise/Bamboo Bed

Lemon Brulee/Raspberries/EVOO Gelato/Lemon Jus


Passed Hors of the Moment...

Torchon of Hudson Valley Foie Gras/Peach "Caviar"/Fleur de Sel/Pedro Ximenez Reduction

Recently, we were asked to serve up a cool "flight" of seasonal, fresh, tasty hors d'oeuvres in a progressive style for a special member. We are always totally inspired whenever he calls upon us to cook for him and his guests. I made an effort to get photos of the dishes, although we got totally busy with a chef's table and many other things, so I really did not get anything too good, just memories in my mind, and theirs! Here is a couple shots...

Savory White Chocolate/American Sturgeon Caviar/Beet Powder


Tastes of Summer by Alex...

a spin on prosciutto and melon...
compressed cantaloupe/house cured prosciutto/opal basil/yogurt sorbet/pine nuts

Alex, our PM sous chef, who is our photo ready cuisinier, has been working in some new dishes with various nuances, filled with this or that, or from a different angle with a different twist or spin on a classic. Sometimes a riff on one of my styles or philosophies, or a completely altered view in it's own right. Some I enjoy immensely, some, are great yet not really my style(which is ok in the right place)after all, everybody has their own style for the most part, but what is most fascinating is that there is life! He has passion. He is trying different combinations and testing other schools of thought. It is very inspiring to see others do this in addition to yourself. Nice to have a different perspective to help show our team that there are many ways to approach cooking. Here are but a couple dishes...

a vegan dish...

roasted whole abalone mushroom/artichoke/pickled heirloom tomatoes/"raw roll" of garden vegetables/black sesame essence/pea puree

3 shades of duck...

House Cured Duck Ham/Seared Foie Gras/Poached Wooley Farms Duck Egg Yolk

Sugar & Salted Hazelnuts/Fresh Lettuces/Pedro Ximenez


Summer Tastes...

Wooly Pig Tenderloin/Baby Turnip/Shiitake/Garlic/Pear Puree

A modest handful of tastes shot by Alex. His camera...in a word...rocks! My little guy does nice work, when I can get all the lighting nailed and am not too rushed, but his kicks some serious ass. I gotta get one.
a spin-off of Keller's Oysters and Pearls...

just canned local cherries...mmmm!
Spiced Duck/Fava Beans/Quinoa/Almonds/Cherry Jus


Spiced Foie Gras...

Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Salted Dark Chocolate Powder/Ufra Pepper Dust/Chili-Fig-Thyme Vinaigrette
Caramelized Pineapple/Crisp Potato Gaufrette/Sel Guerande

a dish inspired and influenced with several spicy notes. Silky...unctuous...hot...sweet...caramelization...crispy...rich...light...ethereal! Indulge your senses and palate.


Potato Wrapped Portugese Sardine...

Wrapped in thinly spiral-cut potatoes, this was served with house cured duck prosciutto, red pepper "caviar", Spanish marcona almonds, smoked paprika, braised baby leeks, tangerine oil and pedro ximenez reduction. Simply luscious.

Salumi in Seattle...

I will not say that ours is even on the same plane as that of the masters such as Armandino Batali of Salumi(yes, in Seattle) or Paul Bertoli, maker of Fra' Mani's artisan hand-crafted gems yet in our own defense and support...I have to say that ours is damn tasty! They kick ass. They are very flavorful and made with care, passion and a ton of love. We are dedicated to it and continue to persevere in our craft and drive to be better. Jim and I spend a lot of time and effort to make good salumi. Sometimes, as with all craftsmen and women, we make mistakes. Things fail, if only due to the mishaps of the environment. We have seen it all before...molding...case hardening...cavity rot...or over dried fuck-ups. That is what learning is all about. If we didn't make mistakes, we would not learn, therefore, we would not be who we are. We would be a damn factory with stagnant people and sterile ideas and unexciting results. Here is our Wooly Pigs Coppa, both sweet and spicy. There is also a shot of a platter we sent out as "snacks" before a tasting. Enjoy!


A Celebration Dinner Party at the Club...

Some recent shots of a special graduation dinner we did for a good friends' family member...
Lobster-Scallop Terrine
Lobster Salad, Calendula, Scallop Tartare, Mango Coulis
Thai Infused "Chicken Soup"
Thai "Hot Gelatin" Noodles, Marinated Breast, Shaved Garden Slaw, Tangerine Oil

Pan Roasted New York Strip "Bites"

Caramelized Onions, Morels, Truffled Mashed Potatoes

Spiced Crusted Moularde Duck
Quinoa, Peas, Plum Relish, Porcini, Grains of Paradise, Black Pepper Essence

Syrah Braised "Painted Hills" Shortribs

Anson Mills Grits, Artichoke-Corn Salad, Sweet Corn Coulis, Argan Oil


Eats for Breakfast...

A couple dishes to savor for breakfast. A bit hearty...A bit savory...Every bit of tasty!

Ruby Grapefruit Gratin/Spiced Banana Sponge/Salted Macadamia Nut Crumble/

Honey Sabayon

Stuffed Brioche "Griddle Toast"...

House Preserved Black Mission Figs/Maple Crema/Pistachios