Salumi in Seattle...

I will not say that ours is even on the same plane as that of the masters such as Armandino Batali of Salumi(yes, in Seattle) or Paul Bertoli, maker of Fra' Mani's artisan hand-crafted gems yet in our own defense and support...I have to say that ours is damn tasty! They kick ass. They are very flavorful and made with care, passion and a ton of love. We are dedicated to it and continue to persevere in our craft and drive to be better. Jim and I spend a lot of time and effort to make good salumi. Sometimes, as with all craftsmen and women, we make mistakes. Things fail, if only due to the mishaps of the environment. We have seen it all before...molding...case hardening...cavity rot...or over dried fuck-ups. That is what learning is all about. If we didn't make mistakes, we would not learn, therefore, we would not be who we are. We would be a damn factory with stagnant people and sterile ideas and unexciting results. Here is our Wooly Pigs Coppa, both sweet and spicy. There is also a shot of a platter we sent out as "snacks" before a tasting. Enjoy!

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