Dishes of Distinction...

staging of my trio of amuse for guest chef dinner at Crush...

flame torched hiramasa, sweet potato, coconut, gingered carrots, bacon

a handful of dishes cooked here and there, served to those that are passionate about eating and ingredients and by those that are passionate and determined about cooking! Enjoy...

lamb sous vide, shallot jam, truffled celery root, turnips

raw kushi oyster, champagne-raspberry gelee, sturgeon caviar, yuzu-elderflower drizzle

roasted bison

mica's pear soup amuse, pork belly-pear lollipop

ahi tuna salad with mango and heart of palm

beef short rib-horseradish terrine

chilled moularde duck salad, truffled vegetables, walnuts, fig-walnut dressing

australian hiramasa