Recent Dishes to Inspire...

chanterelles/gnocchi/baby turnips/farmers onions/chive essence

lamb sous vide/potato gnocchi/chanterelles/salsify chip

here are but a few dishes we have been playing around with of late. Take it or leave it.

maine lobster brulee with citrus dressing, melon-heart of palm salad

chilled melon shooter, frozen elderflower yogurt lollipop

seared scallop martini, peas, corn, bacon, heirloom garlic nage, "up with a twist"

spicy buttermilk battered portuguese sardines, fennel-citrus salad, chili aioli, blood orange dressing

striped sea bass "lollipop", charred baby octopus, fingerling potatoes, chorizo

green olive "vierge"

tuma trifulera "brulee", pluots, hazelnuts, shiitake chips, truffled kettle corn

truffle-late harvest zin vinaigrette

spice crusted muscovy duck, gingerbread pancake, carrots, chanterelles, caramelized fennel

elderflower compressed cherries, chocolate essence

tomato caramel basted heirloom tomato, lavender ice cream, raspberries

olive oil sponge, bacon praline, basil seeds