Time Lost...

Where has the time gone? What am I up to you may ask? Maybe not. It seems that time slips away during this time of year. Business and all. Crap. Life etc. I have taken a bunch of photos and will post them shortly, as soon as I can sort them out. We have been up to our asses in holiday business so be patient. New thoughts and ideas on ingredients have been conjuring up almost by the moment...just can't seem to get to it in this craziness. Glad when the holidays are over! Sad but true...
a few "bites" to hold you over, or send you on your way...
salmon sous vide, tangerine, butternut, heart of palm
yuzu cured ahi, mango, avocado
shortrib, horseradish, mustard, walnuts
artisan polenta, brussel sprouts, walnuts, wild mushrooms, celery root


Parting Shots of Summer...

green zebra pave, yuzu dressed crab, heart of palm, sturgeon caviar
yogurt-hibiscus lollipop

A few last shots of the summer ingredients. Found them tucked away on my camera. Use this as a remembrance of the nice weather when you are sick of the squashes, citrus, nuts and roots after the long cold winter.
ahi crudo, peach, avocado, branzino tartare, citrus, lemon aioli
quail salad, foie gras, figs, truffles, potato blini

monkfish, chanterelles, bacon, scallop, caramelized garlic. lentils

walnut-nib-cornflake crusted short rib, "dauphinoise", walnut gel, carrot-celery salad huckleberry essence


Recent Endeavors...

a couple shots of some recent undertakings, both from a curing perspective and a cooking one. Simple, tasty and fun. Enjoy...
The start of a journey of Lonza or Lomo Making...

Lamb Loin Sous Vide
Chanterelles, Caramelized Bacon & Garlic, Potato Gnocchi, Black Olives
and a Wild Huckleberry Sauce


Recent Dishes to Inspire...

chanterelles/gnocchi/baby turnips/farmers onions/chive essence

lamb sous vide/potato gnocchi/chanterelles/salsify chip

here are but a few dishes we have been playing around with of late. Take it or leave it.

maine lobster brulee with citrus dressing, melon-heart of palm salad

chilled melon shooter, frozen elderflower yogurt lollipop

seared scallop martini, peas, corn, bacon, heirloom garlic nage, "up with a twist"

spicy buttermilk battered portuguese sardines, fennel-citrus salad, chili aioli, blood orange dressing

striped sea bass "lollipop", charred baby octopus, fingerling potatoes, chorizo

green olive "vierge"

tuma trifulera "brulee", pluots, hazelnuts, shiitake chips, truffled kettle corn

truffle-late harvest zin vinaigrette

spice crusted muscovy duck, gingerbread pancake, carrots, chanterelles, caramelized fennel

elderflower compressed cherries, chocolate essence

tomato caramel basted heirloom tomato, lavender ice cream, raspberries

olive oil sponge, bacon praline, basil seeds


Various Shot's of Eye candy...

halibut-heirloom tomato terrine, (wrapped with leeks) with garlic, thyme and olive oil

fresh pasta, peas, lobster, shellfish essence and reggiano parmigiano

canary & sharlyn melon boisson, crab-peach "sambal", lobster oil, togarashi

fluke, polonaise crust, fava beans, sweet onion soubise, morels and celery root

halibut terrine as plated
black olive-anchovy butter, shrimp-mussel vinaigrette, asparagus, tomatoes

baby turnips glace...mmmm


Sushi at Sea...

A taste we had while cruising at sea to Alaska. Although some of the floating restaurants on the ship were merely tourist-esque, we did manage to find some tasty eats. One of the memorable meals were at this sushi bar. We connected with the chef and had a fab time.


Summer Cleaning...

Something we can never seem to get enough of. That deep, inner-cleansing. Our summer shut-down is always a good time for this. Not only is it good for the operation, and gives us opportunities that really never seem possible during open op time, but it is also a bonding time between our crew. J...you rock dude!


More Food...

Grilled CR Salmon, Orange & Dill Infused Salmon Agnolottis, Morels, Asparagus, Ramps

Adding a few more food shots to contemplate...

Spice Crusted Duck Breast, Asparagus, Morels, Lemon Emulsion, Crisp Shallots

Drying Salumi...

A quick visual of the newest batch, hanging to develop some fermentation before being sent to the gallows in the depths of the cellar. Tuscan Spicy Pork, Basilicata and Pork-Fennel Salumi.

Last Bites...

Sashimi of Copper River Salmon Belly "Torched"
Peas, French Breakfast Radishes, CR Salmon Agnolotti, Pea Jus and Tuberous Begonia

Here are but a few last tastes that ended up coming out of the kitchen over the past several shifts. Perhaps this can lead us to new heights. I can only hope to achieve a higher plane.

"Prosciutto & Melon"

House Cured Prosciutto, Brioche, Compressed Melons, Mostarda, Mosto Cotto "Paint",

Orange & Ham Dust


Inspirations of the Moment...

Chilled Foie Gras Omelets, Quince Jam, Crisp Shallots

Here are several shots that have been captured of late in various arenas of exploration, travel and taste. Hope they are inspiring to you as they have been for me and the team...

Fresh Meyer Lemons picked from the trees in San Diego

Compressed Cantaloupe Intermezzo, Pineapple Tartare, Pineapple Sorbet and Chorizo Dust

3 Soups...chilled pea boisson, white gazpacho, soft shell crab bisque

Sauteed Soft Shell Crab, Corn, Morels, Bacon and Creamed Nettles

Torched Sashimi of Copper River Salmon, Cepes, Salmon Agnolotti with orange and dill

Peas, Asparagus and Carrot Juice Oil

Seared Duck breast, Foie Gras, Carrot Puree, Caramelized Spring Onions, Rhubarb

and Wild Huckleberry Essence


Eye Candy...

Striped Bass "Cocktail"
citrus, mint, golden caviar, marcona almonds, honeydew foam

warm morel-asparagus salad, scallop, mustard creme fraiche, px dressing, "kat's herbs", bacon

"flash torched" copper river king "sashimi", fava beans, fava-artichoke ravioli
apple-radish salad, avocado oil, duck rub, smoked eel

just a few shots of late. Some good, some so-so. All in all, quite tasty.


smoked molasses cured prosciutto

making various types of salumi and charcuterie is how we roll. I have been doing it for quite some time, and though it never ceases to amaze me that we can still get some sort of shitty bacteria in there and screw up the whole process. After speaking to many a different authorities, such as Armandino Batali, Michael Rhulman, the folks at Sausage Maker or other sources of intel, it seems that this is par for the course in some degree. This is nature in it's purest form. It is a reality that there will always be obstacles, even with the greatest of notes and environments. As one professional put it..."the only difference in what we(large corporate salumi manufacturer) are doing and what you are doing is that when you lose product, it is merely a few hundred dollars...when we lose product, which we do, amounts to tens of thousands." I guess I feel better. Onward!
~in action~

tuscan spiced salumi

ready for slicing


Making of the Mole...

a shot in the making of the "liquid orgasm"; aka the mole sauce! It was like sex, harnessed in a liquid state. Enough said.


Food Porn of the Moment...

a handful or random shots of my passion...

foie brulee, duck breast sous vide, pea pancake, ice cream and warm salad, pea boisson

chilled duck breast salad, oranges, compressed rhubarb, lovage, hazelnuts

brebirousse d'argental, preserved cherries, hazelnuts, truffle oil

scallop ceviche, cucumber-lime gelee, grated marcona almonds,

compressed cantaloupe, crisp shallot

lobster-orange mojo, pineapple sage, roasted monkfish, king trumpet

~beef two ways~

grilled tenderloin, caramelized onions, morels, salsify

braised short ribs, artichokes sous vide, claudio corallo chocolate essence

duck 2 ways...
salad with rhubarb, oranges, hazelnuts, pea ice cream
honey bunches of oats crusted foie gras, cacao nibs, pears

duck breast sous vide alternate angle