smoked molasses cured prosciutto

making various types of salumi and charcuterie is how we roll. I have been doing it for quite some time, and though it never ceases to amaze me that we can still get some sort of shitty bacteria in there and screw up the whole process. After speaking to many a different authorities, such as Armandino Batali, Michael Rhulman, the folks at Sausage Maker or other sources of intel, it seems that this is par for the course in some degree. This is nature in it's purest form. It is a reality that there will always be obstacles, even with the greatest of notes and environments. As one professional put it..."the only difference in what we(large corporate salumi manufacturer) are doing and what you are doing is that when you lose product, it is merely a few hundred dollars...when we lose product, which we do, amounts to tens of thousands." I guess I feel better. Onward!
~in action~

tuscan spiced salumi

ready for slicing

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