Food Porn 10.25.11...

grape-chevre lollipop

heirloom tomato-heart of palm salad

foie gras, cherries, apricot-truffle conserve

scallops, pumpkin, sea urchin, tapioca

golden snapper, truffles, baby lima beans, bacon

apples, late harvest gewurztraminer, vinegar, grains of paradise

muscovy duck, turnips, fennel, blackberries

beef short ribs, horseradish potatoes, porcini

valrhona chocolate, pears, strawberries, caramel

bacon macaroon sandwiches, biscotti, olive oil chocolates

a few shots from one of our latest events...just a lot of fun to be honest..."the kitchen gals" did a great job!...hope you enjoy it as much as we did!