Food Porn 11.24.11...

seared foie gras, hazelnut-nib waffle, cranberries, cranberry tapenade

saba-hazelnut oil dressing

bison loin sous vide, quince puree, thumbelina carrots
chanterelle gratin, banyuls sauce

seared scallop poached in carrot butter
spinach puree, honshimejii, truffles, romanesco, balsamic-carrot butter dressing

seared foie terrine, foie gras "opera torte", seckle pears
candied pecans, red ribbon sorrel, quince paint

Happy Thanksgiving All...Hope you and yours have a very happy holiday.


Fall Shots of Food...

scallop,carrot butter, red zebra tomatoes, arugula

truffles, lomo

smoked catfish, corn, pears, truffles, celery

duck breast, thumbelina carrots, quince

asian pear, grains of paradise, pear sorbet

just a few shots of passion, pleasure, pain and porn...enjoy