A Taste of Autumn...

seared scallop & foie gras/figs/hazelnuts/delicata puree

As we venture into this time of year, coming down from a great season of lusty ingredients like beautiful and sexy heirloom tomatoes, stone fruits dripping with juices, melons ripe and voluptuous and fresh berries that you pop into your mouth like pills, we begin to long for the slow food movement in our cooking. The nurtured and hovered over dishes that give us hope. Hope for a good future. Hope for new visions and ideas. Hope for something meaningful. This is the time of year that pushes us to dig deep in our soul to come up with dishes and tastes that have substance from the heart, in which to bring us closer together. Here are just a few " food porn tastes" of eye candy.

foie gras two ways...
seared/liberty apples/gingerbread salt/30 year balsamic/apricot conserve
silken mousse/squash cake/salted peanut brittle/abbamele/blackberry pates de fruits

olive oil poached cod/controne beans/chorizo/clams/tomato/hot basil gelee/potato-smoked paprika foam/veal-clam nage

fire roasted hudson valley foie gras/spice crust/jus naturale

pan roasted wild striped bass/roast fingerling potatoes/beets/walnut oil/truffles

zinfandel braised veal cheeks/offal/chestnuts/cabbage/mustard cuisson