Shots of the Moment...

wonderfully tasty salumi...
sweet coppa, bresaola, tuscan wine cured salami, fennel sopressata, antelope andouille
chorizo riojana, basilicata, prosciutto

sous vide chicken breast, quinoa, chanterelles, asparagus, grilled squash, tomato coulis
indian summer stonefruit relish


Fall Bar Snacks...

a nibble here, a handful there. Tasty with any kind of beverage. Try different levels of heat to satisfy your own endorphin fix.
2 cp. Pumpkin or Winter Squash Seeds, with pulp- steeped in butter for about 30 minutes until butter is well flavored with pumpkin and achieving a nutty amber-brown color.
Drain. Reserve butter for cooking shellfish, vegetables, mushrooms etc.
Fry seeds in 350 degree canola or peanut oil for several minutes until rich brown, but not burned.
Immediately out of the oil, season with sea salt, white pepper, superfine sugar, ground cinnamon and chili spice. Serve warm. Warning...better have back up.