Parting Shots of Summer...

green zebra pave, yuzu dressed crab, heart of palm, sturgeon caviar
yogurt-hibiscus lollipop

A few last shots of the summer ingredients. Found them tucked away on my camera. Use this as a remembrance of the nice weather when you are sick of the squashes, citrus, nuts and roots after the long cold winter.
ahi crudo, peach, avocado, branzino tartare, citrus, lemon aioli
quail salad, foie gras, figs, truffles, potato blini

monkfish, chanterelles, bacon, scallop, caramelized garlic. lentils

walnut-nib-cornflake crusted short rib, "dauphinoise", walnut gel, carrot-celery salad huckleberry essence


pierre said...

Hi This is Pierre From Paris in France
I have browsed through your blog and i love it ! I really appreciate your way of cooking ; now if you want to see what a French amateur can do come and visit me you are most welcome I even translate my recipe in english now !!
ANd I must admit : although Paris is beautiful I miss the Pudget sound too !!!
cheers Pierre

cuisinier said...

Hey Pierre...welcome to my site and thank you for commenting on my food. I appreciate it. Did you use to reside in the Northwest or just visit? The Puget Sound is a great palce to be. Paris is definitely great as well! Cheers...Bill