A Few Good Ingredients...

Purple Mizuna...oh so fresh and cool!

just a splash of garden treasures brought in lately. We loved them...thought you would enjoy them...can't wait to get more!
Baby French Breakfast Radishes...peppery and crisp!

Lovage...fresh and wild like celery!


Barzelay said...

I've also just started getting lovage in this season. It's a really intense, and very interesting flavor!

I saw purple mizuna on another post and thought it looked beautiful, but it's a product I haven't seen available here (San Francisco). It's a shame. Our winters provide a plethora of lovely greens of interesting colors, but the springs and summers are all greens. Not necessarily anything to complain about, but a variety of garnishes is wonderful.

cuisinier said...

I have been using lovage for years and enjoy it immensely! This is the first year I have used the purple mizuna. I suppose just about any type of green vegetable can be grown as a purple hybrid. We work very closely with several different farms and growers to get unique ingredients and we work with them to try do grow new items for us and experiment. I really enjoy SF. Great food town!