Tastes 8.23.10

soft shell crab/yellow taxi tomato/squash blossom "farcie"
zucchini & caramelized onions/arugula/green olives

"caribbean french toast" & foie gras/peaches/jalapeno/mint

summer corn tasting

green zebra/sturgeon caviar/cape gooseberries/lobster

watermelon/yellow tomato/feta/olive oil/chives

here are but a few...


Scott Henderson said...

I'm not sure how I joined your blog, but am happy to have been receiving the updates for nearly two years. I belong to a cooking club in Austin and would like to use some of your images for our site www.austincookingclub.com. Feel free to contact me directly. Scott.henderson2@me.com

cuisinier said...

Hi Scott, I will look to contact you very shortly about the matter. Perhaps we can work something out. Thank you for keeping interest in my work and writing in this blog. It is an honor. Hope it has helped inspire in some small way. cuisinier...