New Eye Candy...

For those that have just about given up...here are some recent shots of dishes to ponder. Enjoy.

shrimp,watermelon,fennel,lychee,pea blossom, yuzu

ahi tuna,fennel,pea tendrils,pea foam,crottin de chavignol,salmon candy chip

bison,fig pickled ramps,morels,cocoa-espresso foam,micro celery,manjari essence

robiola,cherries,dukkah,anise hyssop,marcona-px caramel

blackberry-tapioca brulee,pistachio chiffon,kumquats,lemon verbena ice cream

chocolate-caramel,feuillatine crunch

foie gras torchon,ras el hanout,rhubarb,buckwheat,apricot,amaranth,sauternes

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