Summer Tastes...

and so it was...in the middle of our summer in the Northwest, the menu inspired by the ingredients that lay before me, crafted and presented for a few colleagues from the past. It reminded me of why I do what I do~cook! I hope you enjoy this little peek of what is happening at the club!

an inspiration by our CIA extern-Richard Ahloo!

asparagus terrine/ goat cheese fondant/ shiitake chips/ black olive oil/ bachelor buttons

house cured bacon wrapped prawn/ corn pudding/ baby fennel/ heirloom tomatoes

plums/ tomato glass/ jus de poisson

seared branzino/ young "new yorker" tomatoes/ basil hot gelatin/ haricots verts/

tomato water/ organic australian olive oil

chilled crenshaw melon soup/dungeness crab/pickled watermelon rind/ trout roe/

lobster-vanilla oil/ bachelor buttons

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