A Few Good Men...

yuzu-harissa-ginger glazed lobster with coconut

spice crusted duck, parsnip puree, fregola sarda, micro herbs, turnips
...and women! That is what it takes to put out great food! A great team. Here are just a few shots that happened to make an appearance before the eye of the mighty Nikon and in no particular order or manner...curried squab "heels", quince jam, crisp ginger
"crudo" of blue nose, avocado, citrus, vanilla, creme fraiche
mustard braised veal cheeks, anson mills grits, artichokes, figs and cepes
portobello napoleon, basil, zucchini "raviolini", parsnip puree, ricotta gnocchi,
seared foie gras, scallop. potato mousseline, foie gras nage, 50 year-old balsamic
artisan trofie, house cured salumi, tomato confit, parmesan, truffle oil
huckleberry sorbet stuffed nectarines, macaroons, manjari pave, plums, olive oil gelato


Erin said...

Gorgeous! And I thank you for the kind, bacon-y recipe you left me. I'll be trying it out this weekend!

cuisinier said...

awesome. They are fun. we also just got done playing with a concept of "candied bacon dust" sprinkled on savory ice creams like smoked paprika, and olive oil gelato, toasted salted marcona almonds. It is a very exciting foodstuff. Currently, we are using both the Kurabuta pork from the berkshire pigs as well as some Niman ranch mix breed here and there. let me know how the macaroons work for you. bill

Pelagia said...

Interesting to know.