The New Year...

All I can say is that I am glad to be through with the hell of the holiday season at the club! It went very well, but there were really no time for pictures, blogging, thinking about things other than what production project do I need to work on next, wondering if all the staff scheduled for today will show up, what add-on's, pop-up's or banquet changes will occur in the next 20 minutes to f-up my plan and will it ever end? Sure, I think about a post, or a dish here and there, and then usually about 3am or so, when I finally get an opportunity to work on it, I pass out, as I will be at it again in a matter of a few hours. Enough whining...lot's of new ideas in the works, and at the end of the day...I still love what I do and where I do it! Stay tuned.

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