A Taste of South Africa...

Recently, we had a request that tested our abilities, our forethought and imaginations. We were asked by a very great customer if we could and would conger up a menu of South African tones for he and some guests of his that would be coming in to dine soon. The challenge was that it was in two days from then. Not having been to S.A., eaten the cuisine, studied it much at all, or for that matter, knew of only one person that had even been there before...I gladly accepted the challenge! Although we did not get but one photo, it was a great time, and one that pushed our minds and thoughts. Here is our twist on a classic "snack" called a samosa.

Foie Gras, Caramelized Onion and Apple Samosa
Pickled Cucumber-Red Onion Sambal, Spicy Pepper Puree, Poultry Jus
and a Tandoori Spiced Honey Reduction

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