Random Ideas in Taste...

A few more recent images on food and cooking from the heart. Spring is fun! Flavor is imperative and aiming towards mastery is paramount, even if one knows they can not reach it.
Seared Sea Scallop & Shortrib Ravioli
peas, king oyster mushrooms, watermelon radishes, miners lettuce and beef juices

a few more images of ideas on food and cooking. Spring is fun!
Grilled King Blue Prawns
fiddlehead ferns, miners lettuce, chickpeas, ramp dressing, mango-lemon aioli, bacon
Branzino & Quail-Scallop Roll
ramps, shiitake chips, nettle-potato puree, scallop juices

Quinoa Studded with Peas & Morels

Baby Turnips Sous Vide, Ramps, Lacinato Kale, Compressed Rhubarb, Pea Jus

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