Vegan Dinner of the Moment...

Here are but a few shots of the vegan tasting menu we were charged with to serve as a welcoming for a wonderful couple celebrating their engagement...I don't care what any chef says about hating vegetarians or vegans...it was cool.

Beet Ravioli, carrot-pear-marcona almond tapenade, 30 year balsamic
beet tapioca "caviar"

Vegetable Crudo

avocado, citrus, mango gel, fennel ribbon, daikon, pummelo vinaigrette, crisp beet

Yellow Foot Mushroom & Asparagus "Antipasti"

radishes, crispy shallots, ramp vinaigrette, savory mushroom-truffle "cappuccino"

Roasted Cipolline Onion "Farcie"

artichokes, hazelnuts, cacao nibs, bucatini "risotto", apple "gnocchi"

and a asparagus juice broth

additional courses not photo'd but not forgotten...

~Yuzu-Ginger Slushy~

~Potato-Vegetable "Tortina", Wild Mushrooms, Ramps, Fiddleheads, Roasted Garlic and Nettle Puree~

~Fruits & Sorbet...Blood Orange-Pear Composure, their Sorbets~

~Dark Chocolate-Hazelnut Pave, Turbinado Sugar Caramelise, Soy Milk-Abbamele-Chocolate "Shake"~

~Grapefruit Confit, Chocolate Dipped Dried Apricots~

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