Inspirations of Late...

Seared Foie Gras/Charred Pink Lady Apples/Vanilla Sponge/Salted Caramel Powder/Saba

A Degustation of Spring Lamb...
Alex's rendition of an Assiette

This will be one of a multi-part series, as Alex, one of our great sous chef's, has recently purchased a new camera and it has enabled us to take much more of an advantage, and inspire us to take more shots of our food at the height of the moment. The climax of the dishes' entrance into the world as it's own...right before consumption! Here are some of the new ideas and inspirations we are dabbling in currently...enjoy!
Galantine of Duck/Foie Gras/Cherries/Reisling Gelee/Micro Crystal Lettuce/Honey Creme Fraiche
Wild Black Fin Tuna/Mango/Baby Coconuts/Fennel/Red Onions/Mango Coulis
Ahi Tuna & Scallop/Oyster/Golden Trout Roe/Tartare/Beignet

Braised Bison Short Rib/Horseradish Potato Napoleon/Braised Cabbage/House Cured Bacon/Roasted Portobellos/Syrah Cuisson

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