New Inspirations part 2...

Napoleon of Yogurt and White Chocolate/Crisp Feuillatine/Pistachios/Blood Oranges/Honey-Orange Sorbet

Stuffed Saddle and Braised Neck of Spring Lamb
Creamy Parsnips/Oyster Mushrooms/Horseradish-Smoked Paprika Streusel/Onion Cuisson

Here is a second preview in our series of new thoughts and inspirations of the moment. Not necessarily in order, in preference, or even at the top of our list of great dishes, yet more so and importantly a progression and investment of time and thought in our forward movement of cooking. This is for us to simply document our steps and thoughts as we look at food in various ways, and it is that process that I hope to perhaps in some small way inspire others as they read this site.
Croustillant du Jour/Potato/Leeks/Yogurt/Hot Smoked Salmon
Japanese Sea Bream/French Horn Mushrooms/Duck Prosciutto/Malloreddus/Pinot Noir
Squab/Scallop/Oxtail Ravioli/Melted Leeks/Shallot Essence/Potato

Foie Gras Torchon/Frisee/Figs Gelee/Creme Fraiche/Fleur de Sel

"Croque Madame"

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