Rich and Intoxicating...

These dishes are derived out of the need to create goodness. Satisfying flavors to indulge our palates and enrich our souls with lush tastes. Out of these, I find the Perigord Black Truffle Ice Cream the most intoxicating!

valrhona manjari/orange/caramel/sauternes/pear/perigord black truffle

russet potato/chanterelles/leeks/cipolline onions/carrot polenta/onion soubise

smoked duck/spanish white beans/clams/nicoise olives/basil/garlic-potato ice cream

humboldt fog/balsamic sorbet/arugula/winter vegetables/beet tuile

espresso brittle/sao tome pralus/kumquats/cocoa nibs/hazelnuts

diver scallop/foie gras/brasied shortrib/lentils/potato "gratin"/hubbard squash

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