Tastes from the Atelier...

Respresented here are some dishes that came and went. They are a reflection of the moment, when we were presented with the opportunity to "just cook" for some guests. They became unique in their own right and thus, ended up inspiring us to do new things. All around good flavors and a intriguing interplay of tastes!
ahit tuna/oscetra/mache/riesling/ginger

muscovy duck/escolar/shiitake/pears/green lentils/pinot noir

cabecous feuilles/shiitake "bacon"/grapes/marcona almonds/salsify

ahi tuna/wonton/lemongrass/pineapple/vanilla/chili

australian prawn/basil/smoked pineapple/ginger/citrus

eggs/maine lobster/osetra/creme fraiche

wild mushroom/potato/chestnut/asparagus/winter truffle

carrot polenta/beet cous cous/mushroom quinoa/leeks/beets/balsamic

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