Winter is here...

Here we are...in the middle of winter, and as always, we are searching long and hard to find things to inspire us to cook with. There is not a whole lot of new product in the northwest now, that we have not had for the last couple of months. And with nothing in the crosshairs until another couple months, it drives us crazy! We search for little nuances and whisps of ingredients that are perhaps new or overlooked in our repertoire. Something perhaps that a local farmer had forgotton about or was late in harvesting that could spark a new challenge. We start to investigate other sources to bring us the latest of finds from other locales. Are we cheating oursleves out of our own backyard foodstuffs? No, we are just typical cooks... striving and yearning for something more, some new twist and angle on a particular dish, a cut above the competition. But alas, we are all doing it for the most part, so we bare down and get creative with the same ol' same ol'. No worries. These tastes are merely new ideas on old combinations or visa versa. They represent a hibernating passion that has been burning inside which has manifested themselves into new twists of a particular theme or thought. Enjoy, we did.

shrimp/duck mayo/mussels-leek salad/"bouillabaise" gelee/oyster vinaigrette/garlic-potato foam

white chocolate/sturgeon caviar/smoked paprika/daikon radish and sprouts/salsifypreserved ginger branzini/corn/grits/micro celery/leeks/salsify/lobster nage
ahi tuna/lobster/smoked chili syrup/arugula/fennel

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